Business Strategies & Solutions


Our financial experts at Business Strategies & Solutions have helped hundreds of Small to Medium sized Businesses get the funding they need to operate and grow their businesses.

We have dedicated agents specializing in a particular funding requirement such as Equipment purchase or Purchase Order financing so you will get seasoned professionals with the expertise for your specific need. Listed below are our areas of expertise.


Working Capital Financing

When your business runs into cash flow problems and you need cash fast for paying rent, making payroll, paying vendors etc. we can get short term financing for you expeditiously.

We have funding methods ranging from Invoice Financing, Accounts Receivables Factoring, Line of Credit, Short-term Loan, Trade or Vendor Credit to Merchant cash advances.

Let our experts tailor a plan that gets you the cash you need in the most cost effective way.


Purchase Order Financing

When you have a large purchase order from a reputable company and don’t have the cash flow to fulfill the order, our Purchase Order financing option can help you.

The funding company will, for a nominal fee, pay your supplier or open up a line of credit so you get the supplies you need to fulfill the purchase order.  The rates are competitive and funding can be in place in a very short time. Call us to see how this option will be of benefit you.


Equipment Financing

When you need to buy equipment for your business our experts can show you the best option for you.

With a myriad of loan products available from equipment finance loans to various type of leases such as Buyout Lease, Option Lease or Fair Market Value lease, we will help you choose the best option for your needs.

Our financing sources offer the most competitive terms so your payments are kept to a minimum.


Expansion Financing

If you are expanding your business by opening up another location or adding to your product line, we can help you get the Loan/Line of Credit you need.

We can custom tailor a plan for you that match lenders that specialize in your particular industry.

There are several loan programs specifically designed to help small businesses.

Call us to see all the great options that available to you for your expansion.

















Business Credit Building

  • Business Credit is different from personal credit and does not affect the score of each other.
  • Your FICO score determines your personal credit and is measured and reported by the following bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian.
  • Your business’ credit is measured and reported by Dun & Bradstreet using their own scoring system called Paydex score, by Experian using their own business credit scoring system, and by Equifax using their own business credit scoring system.
  • Whereas your Social Security Number is your unique identifying number for your personal credit, your business’ Employer Identification Number (EIN) is your business’ unique identification number for your business credit.
  • For example, a person’s personal bankruptcy will appear in his/her FICO score but not in his/her business credit; meaning , this person may not be able to get a loan based on his/her personal FICO score, but if his/her business credit is good, the business can get the loan for him/her.


Build your Business Credit with us, and free up your personal credit.